Freelancing 101 for Devs

Juan Cruz Martinez
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Freelancer 101 for Developers is a practical guide written for developers who want to launch and grow a sustainable career working for themselves.

The book combines all the points I wish I had known when I started freelancing over 15 years ago. It includes practical advice on how to define and build your business for scale.

Get a look at all of the content covered in the book. Everything you need to know is inside.

"Freelancing 101 for Devs" comprises of 14 chapters tightly edited, designed to teach you everything you need to know about starting, growing, and scaling your business.

  • Chapter 1: The Freelancer Mindset
  • Chapter 2: Choosing Your Niche
  • Chapter 3: Building Your Toolbox
  • Chapter 4: Pricing
  • Chapter 5: Lead Generation
  • Chapter 6: Closing the Sale
  • Chapter 7: Working with Clients
  • Chapter 8: Handling Difficult Situations with Clients
  • Chapter 9: The Freelancer Schedule
  • Chapter 10: The Important but Boring Legal Stuff
  • Chapter 11: Freelancing While Working Full Time
  • Chapter 12: Embracing the Journey
  • Chapter 13: What's Next?
  • Chapter 14: Bonus: My Top Websites for Finding Freelance Work
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Freelancing 101 for Devs

0 ratings
I want this!